CISPA is still apparently at the forefront of everyone’s minds, not surprising since it has just been passed in the House of Representatives and protesters are running out of time as it’ll be put before the Senate next month.  Today’s top scoring link is another self post similar to the one described in post #8, calling for a united front against CISPA. The difference with this post is that it suggests a focussed protest against Reddit in order to get their attention about their users opposition to CISPA.  Similar to post #8, it lists different actions users can take, including a mass blocking of Reddit and not purchasing gold membership.  It also appeals to administrators of subreddits to block them or at least upvote anti-CISPA messages to the front page during the time of the protest.

1053 redditors interacted with this link.  Many offer other ideas of how to get Reddit’s attention, and support the ones made in the self post.  Lots of people are approving of the self post’s suggestions, there is hardly any criticism usually seen in some form or other in self post threads.  Some commentators suggest expanding the social media used, suggesting starting twitter campaigns and Facebook protests. Others begin an effort to start a viral image campaign.  There is a thoughtful weighing up of what methods would be effective.  It is notable that the vast majority of people are seriously thinking about ways to stop CISPA and coming up with genuine contributions to help the cause.


Today’s second most popular link is another self post, this time linked to the subject of torture.  The author is reminding the r/politics community about a claim made by talk show host Sean Hannity back in 2009 that he would be allow himself to undergo waterboarding for charity.  See full story here.  Hannity argued on air that he considered waterboarding to be ‘enhanced interrogation’ rather than torture, and would undergo it himself to prove this.  According to this self post, he has not yet done so, and the post calls him a liar for not going through with it.  An edit at the end of the post suggests the submitter has been getting very negative feedback from some redditors for posting, including a ‘thinly veiled threat’.

There is a great mixture of responses in the 831 comments on this link.  Many criticise Hannity and the way he laughed at waterboarding being a form of torture.  A surprising amount of people admit to trying it themselves and finding it a really awful experience.  Other redditors caution people against specifically this, saying it is medically dangerous.  Christopher Hitchens is brought up as a person who promised t try it and actually did, a lot of users post a video of him being waterboarded.  People show their respect to him for going through with it.  There is also a lot of debate about the legality and pros and cons of torture, with redditors falling on both sides of the argument.


In third place today is a story from the Daily Kos online.  It reports on a speech given by Stephen Colbert which ‘rips’ into David Koch at the TIMES gala held this week.  The article quotes a snippet of Colbert’s speech which implied, in a joking manner, that Koch has the money and power to buy elections, touching on a very serious topic.  The article points this out as an example that hard-hitting journalism relies on comedy to speak candidly about topics like democracy being up-for-sale.

The huge majority of the 314 comments on this link are responding to Colbert’s speech.  Many quote different remarks and comment on them, all seem to be in agreement that he was on top comedic form.  A lot of commentators appreciate Colbert’s laying into Koch while others approve of his well-rounded comedic attack of almost everyone present.  Some responses muse on David Koch’s reaction to the speech.  The serious issue of election buying is hardly brought up at all.