Today’s most upvoted link comes from Political Wire.  It is a short report sourced from buzzfeed, telling of an unusual outburst on the part of John Huntsman, a former GOP candidate.  He compares the Republicans to China’s Communist Party because of their reaction to him speaking against the party line, when they uninvited him from a fundraiser in March as a consequence.  He partly blames his failed attempt at running for President on his wife, who, it is reported, threatened to leave him if he abandoned his principles in order to win popularity in the party.

There were 1330 responses to this short report.  Many redditors are praising Huntsman, particularly for his honesty, and favourably comparing him to Romney, who comes up short.  Comments follow a trend of observing that Romney will do and say anything to get power, and that because of this he can’t be trusted, unlike Huntsman who sticks to his principles but doesn’t have the support of his party.  Paul is also brought into the discussion, with some users analysing his policies and mostly expressing their lack of support for him.  Even though this story is short and simple, it has created a great deal of interaction and debate about the Republican nominees.

Coming in at second place today is a self post simply containing the quote

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain”

by Mark Twain.  Clearly alluding to the perceived slippery nature of bankers, it is not surprising this link got upvoted to second most popular link, as the dubious actions of bankers have become a hot topic since the credit crunch, and abusing them seems to be a popular past time on both sides of the pond.

351 redditors had weighed in at the time of reading, with many serious and detailed explanations and arguments about what the banks actually do with your money.  There are lots of discussion about loans and how they work, with many continuing with the umbrella analogy.  There are also, of course, many comments with examples of the predicted abuse about bankers being untrustworthy, taking our money and running to the government when it all goes wrong.

As the third most popular link today, The New Civil Rights Movement reports on exactly the same buzzfeed story as the top scoring link.  The content is extremely similar, with a tongue-in-cheek assessment added at the end explaining Huntsman’s lack of popularity within the party by saying

“He was viewed as a sane Republican, which forced him out of the race early.”

276 commentators responded to this one.  A lot of the comments are similar to the ones on the previous story.  There is also a lot of discussion about the presence, or lack of, sanity in the Republican nominees.  This topic leads to a great deal of analysis of Ron Paul’s policies, and similarly to the top link, a lot of redditors express respect for Huntsman and a lot of support for his ideas.